Amelia Island Beach & Marine Life Conservancy

Protect Amelia Island's ocean, shorelines and wildlife. End beach litter and preserve coastline.

About Us

Seas the Day


We are Amelia Island local volunteers focused on eliminating litter on Amelia Island beaches to protect Amelia Island’s beach habitat and to safeguard marine life.  Check out EVENTS PAGE for Feb. 2019 Seminar.

We organize clean-ups and educational events and share information about other local activities to help increase public awareness. 

Whether a local or a visitor, we are all stewards of Amelia Island's ocean and beaches. 

We welcome you to join our quest to help preserve Amelia Island ocean and beaches.

Dive-In - 4 Simple Ways to get Started


Join our summer beach clean-ups.

Attend local educational sessions with exceptional speakers.

Become an Ambassador to the beach or to your favorite marine life species on the island.  Learn about and share it with family and friends. Increase awareness and make an impact.

Beach-clean takes place anytime you are on the beach. Don't leave anything behind and if you see litter, pick it up. Let's all leave the beach cleaner than we found it.

Talking Trash


NO BUTTS - Cigarette butts take 10-15 years to break down and they are toxic.

SIZE DOESN'T MATTER - No matter how tiny the litter, pick it up so that birds and marine life don't gobble it up.

TAKE THE LEAD - Follow leash laws so we can keep dogs on the beach. Pick up their poop and don't bury it in the sand.

SAND PIT - Fill in holes dug in the sand. Nesting turtle, hatchling or humans can get stuck or hurt in them.

NO CLIMBING - Keep off the sand dunes. They are nesting grounds for turtles and shorebirds and protect the island.